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Garden Pond Electrical Connections

A safe and effective way to bring power to your garden devices, such as pond pumps, uv filters and lighting.

Oase Electrical Connections

Virtually any electrical device can be switched on or off via remote control and if is electronically adjustable, it can be dimmed. With the OASE InScenio power outlets the possibility of connecting up to four devices simultaneously and controlling them via remote control is available. The cover also ensures functionality in case of rain.

Oase FM Pond Master 3 Dorset

Oase FM Pond Master 3

  • Clever power connection system for the complete garden
  • Extremely easy and flexible installation
  • Year round use thanks to splash proof cover
  • Offers four power outlets, of which two can be switched on or off. One offers permanent power and one a dim function
  • From a range of 80m all functions can be easily and conveniently activated
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Available in store

Blagdon Electrical Connections

The Blagdon range of Powersafe Switch Boxes are not only the best quality switch boxes on the market with unique benefits delivered through innovation, but also the best value.

Blagdon Powersafe dorset

Blagdon Powersafe

  • Designed for safe pond-side and garden electrical connections
  • Individually fused outlets
  • Simple to install
  • Robust plastic casing making switch box weatherproof
  • Integrated wall or post mounting bracket
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Complete range available in store

Lotus Electrical Connections

The Lotus Switch Boxes takes a electrical cable in through its inlet. This power can then be shared by three through to six different electrical devices depending on the outlet you require to power your garden devices such as a filter pump, lighting, fountain pump etc...

Lotus Switchboxes dorset

Lotus Switch Boxes

  • Designed for outdoor applications
  • Rated 1200watts to 3120watts
  • 3way through to 6 way connection
  • Armoured cable box available
  • Complete range available in store

pond lighting from the Aquatic Centre Dorset