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Fish Health & Pond Water Treatments Dorset

We have a wide range of water treatments and all fish remedies available to purchase.

We stock ranges from all major brands and can offer free invaluable advice and support and recommendations to ensure perfect water quality and healthy fish.

The treatments we offer include Algaecides, Dechlorinators and Medications plus PH Treatments, Water Conditioners, Bacteria additives and Plant Care products.

We offer a Pond Water Testing and Disease Diagnosis Service.  Should you have any problems, please call in advance to ensure a Specialist is available to discuss your needs.   Microscopical Diagnosis and Skin Scrapes do take time and although parasitic problems need to be treated immediately.  Please telephone in advance to make an appointment.

Fish Food

It is important to provide Koi Carp and other Coldwater fish with a balanced diet. Feeding the correct diet equates to healthy fish.  Failure to provide fish with the correct diet can lead to poor growth rates, greater fish disease problems and water quality issues, this is why we provide pond water testing service for the health of your koi carp and ornimental coldwater pond fish which can help identify parasitic agents.

All aspects of pond keeping vary and we are delighted to recommend and offer nutrition advice which can change throughout the year.

Brands we stock include Nishikoi, NT Labs, Evolution Aqua, Pettex and Tetra.

We offer further discounts for bulk purchases and can despatch by overnight Courier anywhere in the UK.