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We have one of the largest selections of Quality Aquatic Plants in Dorset. We also supply aquatic plants to the trade and public with our extensive range includes, Water Lilies, Marginals, Deep Water plants, Bog plants and Oxygenators.

Planting plans, design and advice is always readily available.

Planting baskets, aquatic soil, gravels, fertilisers and everything required for the water gardener are also available.

Planting a Pond

In a small water feature aquatic plants are best planted in plastic aquatic containers, which differ from pots and planters for normal soil in having permeable mesh sides and wide, flat bases to give extra stability under the water. The mesh sides enable water and gases to move easily in and out of the aquatic compost in the container.


While most categories of moisture loving and bog plants thrive in the damp or saturated conditions at the edge of a pond, there are some that will happily tolerate an inch or two of water, like the Iris and Hypericum elode and also the Baldellia ranunculoide.


In addition to forming a decorative margin in swallow water, marginal plants help produce clear water by removing excess nutrients from the pond through their roots. As long as they are grown in containers plants such as the Great Reed Mace and the Arum Lily.


The oxygenators or submerged plants are the most important group for small water features because of their role in keeping down algae. Elodea Crispa and Water Violet supply oxygen during datlight hours as well.


In addition to the waterlily, which dominates this group of plants, there is a small selection of plants that produce floating leaves but have their root systems in deeper water, such as the Water Hawthorn and the Golden Club.


Decorative free-floating plants like, Azolla only requires a scattering on the pond surface as well as Water Lettuce and Water Hyacinth. Raised beds help introduce plants like Pickeral Weed and the Houttuynia Cordata which likes a water depth of around 1" to 5".